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Yes, your hilarious friend can still be depressed

''Very often when it comes to male suicide, it can turn out to be the guy you thought would be the least one to take his own life, because he would be the life and soul of the party, the one who everybody would turn to for their own support when going through life's difficulties, the 'fixer' of problems, the good guy... So when you get the news, for family friends, peers and w ...

Recession saw rise in male patient suicide

New research has shown an equivalent rise in suicide by mental health patients, particularly men aged 45-54. Recession-related increases in suicide have previously been reported globally. New research has shown an equivalent rise in suicide by mental health patients, particularly men aged 45-54. The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, comes from the Nationa ...

“Man up”? Getting more “men” into supporting their mental health

Mind Cymru's Lee Cambule talks about why more men should open up about their mental health and the support they can gain in addressing many health topics including suicide prevention among men. This has been particularly welcome in Wales, where suicide rates are higher for men than in other parts of the United Kingdom. Part of the stigma that still exists about mental health f ...

Men urged to seek help for mental health problems at work

The traditional idea of masculinity prevents many male employees from seeking help Men with work-related mental health problems are far less likely than women to seek help from friends, family or colleagues. And, according to a Business in the Community report, just 14 per cent disclose problems to their line manager or human resources department. “It is saddening to see the ‘ ...

Overcoming Body Image Concerns

Whether we like or not, our body plays an important role in the way we see ourselves. Sometimes even too important a role. In our culture, we are constantly bombarded with images from ads, social media, and even from our own friends that emphasise appearance above everything else. By now it is no wonder we have all become a bit self-conscious and, as a result, most of us will f ...

Worried about someone? 5 steps to help a #Brother

Want to help a mate that you’re worried about? Not sure what to look out for? You might sense he’s struggling, but what do you say?  Follow these five steps to help your mates in all sorts of situations. 1. ASKEncourage them to open up. Don’t be afraid to use the word suicide. 2. LISTENListen without judgement. 3. MAKE A PLANCreate structure, set simple goals. If they’re sui ...

WASPS support It Takes Balls To Talk

It can be difficult to talk about mental health and we hope that the campaign will help men understand it is important not to keep their feelings to themselves

Dr Alex Cotton, MBE, Mental Health Nurse and Founder of It Takes Balls To Talk

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